PLC Warehouse ships your products within 24 hours after receiving your order.

Here's how to order your products:

After receiving your order, once we receive your payment through Paypal, VISA or a bank transfer, we send the products towards you.

1.  Order your product and choose between a classic delivery or a delivery on your account.
2.  Pay using Paypal, credit cards or a proforma invoice (bank transfer).
3.  Our engineers functionally test your item after having received your payment.
4.  Our logistic department sends your package towards you.

Shipment options

Our sales team processes and ships orders paid before noon (Spanish time) the same day. This applies on working days only: Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 5.30 PM (Spanish time).

All shipping and handling costs, taxes and duties will be invoiced to the buyer. PLC Warehouse reserves the right to deviate from the stated shipping cost for exeptional orders and/or items.

Please contact our sales department through our live chat or with urgent or special requests. We do our utmost to deliver your part as soon as possible.

Payment options

At PLC Warehouse every order must be paid before our logistic team members ship it towards the client.

Please contact us through our live chat or if you have any problems with placing or paying the order. We help you immediately on working days between 8 AM and 5.30 PM (Spanish time).

We provide the following payment options:

  • Paypal                       Our account:            This is the fastest way to process and ship your order!
  • Credit card                Excellent option for worldwide clients.
               • Mastercard
               • Maestro
               • VISA
  • Bank transfer            BANKINTER: ES32 0128 0524 2601 0004 3397   Please email us a proof of payment when using this method.

Please note that every price mentioned on our website is exclusive VAT and shipment costs.

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